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Melting glaciers

Melting glaciers

Iceland, beautiful glaciers

While observing climate evolutions for many decades, we have noticed that the Arctic and Antarctic melting ice caps are significantly speeding up. When reading analyses from many studies, we noticed, for instance, that the glaciation level of both poles had been the lowest ever registered.

Melting glaciers

Global warming bring about major consequences such as reduction of glaciers area, the melting of icecap, the recoil of ice floe and icebergs disappearance.

In order to broach this first subject of our Essence of Life project, our volunteers’ team chose to go to Island in autumn 2017.

16 volunteers (photographers, dancers, a video maker, models, a costume designer and a make-up designer) went to this magnificent island to approach the major problem of melting glaciers in an artistic way.

This phenomenon has speeded up for the last decades. The figures describing the reality are staggering. An awareness of individuals is necessary and each person can participate in the collective effort allowing acting for environment.

The situation

Global warming leads to major consequences such as glaciers extent reduction and icebergs disappearance.

The consequences

Melting ice caps, one of the observed consequences, produces methane, a greenhouse gas, which reinforces again global warming.

Key numbers

We have been noticing an unprecedented acceleration of global warming for many decades. Read the very worrying figures.

Les chiffres clés


The Arctic sea ice

The surface of Arctic sea ice is diminishing by 13% each decade, which is an unprecedented and very worrying phenomenon.

The Arctic sea ice

According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), it melted by 49% in 2012, meaning 3.3 million of square kilometers.

Threatened species

The IUCN Red List currently includes 79 837 assessed species, among which 23 250 are threatened with extension due to global warming.

We support

We support organizations involved in environmental protection.

Our sources

What are the primary sources of information on which we base our knowledge.

Daily actions

Individual action on climate change and what you can do.

The Essence of Life : Melting glaciers

The melting ice caps matter brought us to Iceland during several days, to address this issue, artistically. It was also the occasion to take pictures of an exquisite landscape (below photos from Honorine Nail Juré)

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