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Global warming

Why is Earth warming up?

Why is Earth warming up?

The sun constantly sends energy on Earth. A part of this energy which is totally reflected by clouds, atmosphere or earth surface is absorbed by this one.

The earth surface is warming up; on the other hand, the atmosphere emits infrared radiations, as more intense as the areas are hot. Some of these radiations are absorbed by clouds and some gases; it is the greenhouse phenomenon…

Greenhouse gas rise due to human activities traps a part of those radiations, which provokes an increase in areas temperature.

In other words, those gases which are in the atmosphere prevent heat expansion towards space. When Human Activities are producing more activities, the Earth is significantly warming up, which specifically accelerates ice melting and others climate change phenomenon (flooding, cyclones, etc….).

Among those activities generating too fast, we can notice the intensive car use, industrial productions or air-conditioning use.

We talk about anthropogenic greenhouse effect (due to Human) opposing natural greenhouse effect which is necessary to the planet environmental balance.

What makes the situation more worrying is the fact that we entered a vicious circle.

Global warming provokes ice melting. During this phenomenon, ice makes methane, a greenhouse gas, which reinforces again global warming.

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