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Environment protection

Daily actions

Taking action in favor of environment

Changer ses habitudes quotidiennes peut contribuer à lutter contre les fortes émissions de gaz à effet de serre.

  • For short distances, you should use non- motorized mode of transport such as bike, walking, roller skates or public transportation such as bus, tramway and trains.
  • For national journeys, you should use the train rather than the plane.
  • For hot seasons, it is recommended to moderately use the car air conditioning.
  • Buy local and seasonal fruits and vegetables rather than food grown under greenhouse.
  • For you house, choose walls, ceilings and windows supporting a good insulation, which will avoid to overheat your house.
  • Choose heating modes respectful of the environment such as geothermal, wood and solar heating.
  • When buying domestic appliances, choose facilities consuming low energy such as energy class A devices for instance.
  • Do not forget to switch off your home electronic facilities every day (TV, HIFI, etc…)
  • Do not forget to sort your garbage which will allow limiting the landfilled waste quantity.
  • Do not forget to close your tap when not using it.
  • Take showers rather than baths.

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